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Dreamstyle and Kohler: A Valuable Team

Dreamstyle’s collaboration with Kohler means our customers experience a top-of-the-line product installation with the trust only America’s #1 Remodeler can offer.

About Dreamstyle Remodeling

Our team’s experience, dedication, and customer care are what make us America’s #1 Remodeler. We consistently reach our goals of optimizing homes with streamlined additions in line with each homeowner’s vision—and we can get you there, too!

Since 1989, we’ve improved the living spaces of over 60,000 clients. We’re known for our quick yet detailed process from planning to installation, which is why homeowners in Tucson, Arizona trust us to treat their homes as we would our own.

The Dreamstyle showers process begins with skilled installers who listen to your wants and needs and immediately get to work deciding how best to meet them. We ensure full disclosure at every step of the installation process so that you can just relax—without a single worry. They’ll use their years of bathroom remodeling experience to get your house in order within a matter of days, too, so you can start enjoying your updates sooner.

Our superior installation procedure is only the half of it: we also provide multiple customer service resources including warranties, financing, and commitment to only the best brands so you know exactly what you’re getting. Call now to begin experiencing the Dreamstyle difference for yourself, and don’t forget to ask about special offers.

About Kohler
Kohler's Intelligent Design

Thoughtfully designed with durable materials, Kohler shower systems’ walls and built-in accessories reflect the versatility and creativity Kohler is well known for.

Kohler has been innovating plumbing utilities since their founder created their first bathtub in the 19th century. Because of this long history, Kohler stands apart from the competition with the most intelligent and versatile products in the industry.

As you trust Dreamstyle Remodeling to protect your home, you can trust Kohler to transform it—with a custom, lasting shower in treatments that could only be described as the bold look of Kohler.

Kohler's Gracious Living

The term gracious living is considered by Kohler to be a combination of charm, good taste, and generosity of spirit. With this idea at the forefront of our mission-combined with creativity and exploration-we hope to improve our lives and those of our community with thoughtful, thorough products that serve.

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